March 2009

In March 1991, Florence Schreiber Powers, 44, a Ewing, N.J., administrative law judge on trial for shoplifting two watches, she called her psychiatrist to testify that she (Powers) was under stress at the time of the incidents. The doctor said Powers did not know what she was doing “from one minute to the next,” for the following reasons:
recent auto accident
traffic ticket
new-car purchase
husband’s kidney stones
husband’s asthma (and noisy breathing machine in their bedroom)
menopausal hot flashes
“ungodly” vaginal itch,
bad rash,
fear of breast and anal cancer,
fear of dental surgery
son’s asthma
mother’s and aunt’s illnesses
need to organize parents’ 50th wedding anniversary
need to cook Thanksgiving dinner for 20 relatives
purchase of 200 gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah
attempt to sell her house without a broker
lawsuit against wallpaper cleaners
need to return newly purchased furniture
and toilet constantly running.
(Nonetheless, she was convicted.)

The ungodly vaginal itch would definitely send me on a crime spree. ;0)
Oh the things we women have to endure!


For over 10 years I have been subscribing to the magazine called Country Living. It was my favorite magazine of all time. I kept every copy I have ever received in date order. I could tell you that three years in row two years back that they had the same cover for the Thanksgiving issue, just changing the background color slightly. I loved the real estate sampler they had in which they would advertise all these beautiful old homes across the nation. I would daydream of buying a big Victorian Mansion in some remote beautiful area and turning it into a bed and breakfast, then living peacefully and happily for the rest of my life. After looking at the real estate section, I would jump to the recipes. Some of my favorite cake recipes are from Country Living. One year I had a party for my mom and tried to copy the same decorations from an out door theme party they featured. Over the years I have ogled and aahhh the crafts and featured, check out how this person decorated their home.
Well, my love affair has ended with the magazine. I have noticed a change in the layout, articles, recipes, and infrequent real estate section. What the heck. The editor resigned a few issues ago. She had been with the magazine since the beginning. I believe the head honchos have changed. Thus leading to a different style, one I find boring.
Tell me why do good things always have to change?
Ooooooooohhhhhh man!

Happy Birthday mom! I hope today is happy, wonderful, and extravagant. May this year be the best, you deserve it.


A reoccurring question in life, is where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

When I was a in my teens, I would say as an adult I want to be happily married with seven children.  I had no thoughts of a career.  I guest I wanted to be domestic engineer. (Back then that term was nonexistent.)

In my twenties, I wanted to be in a marriage that was secure and I felt loved.

In my thirties, I want to have a home of my own, be loved for who I am, and make enough money to support my family.

In my forties, I wanted to find job security, have happy, level headed, educated children. Have a kind, loving and employed partner.

Now I am on the threshold on a new decade.  Where do I see myself in the next ten years? I want to be happy, secure, loved and of sound mind.

It is amazing that through out my life the answers to the question where do you see your self in 10 years have a similar theme.  To be loved.

I think that really is the most important thing that any person really would want.