For over 10 years I have been subscribing to the magazine called Country Living. It was my favorite magazine of all time. I kept every copy I have ever received in date order. I could tell you that three years in row two years back that they had the same cover for the Thanksgiving issue, just changing the background color slightly. I loved the real estate sampler they had in which they would advertise all these beautiful old homes across the nation. I would daydream of buying a big Victorian Mansion in some remote beautiful area and turning it into a bed and breakfast, then living peacefully and happily for the rest of my life. After looking at the real estate section, I would jump to the recipes. Some of my favorite cake recipes are from Country Living. One year I had a party for my mom and tried to copy the same decorations from an out door theme party they featured. Over the years I have ogled and aahhh the crafts and featured, check out how this person decorated their home.
Well, my love affair has ended with the magazine. I have noticed a change in the layout, articles, recipes, and infrequent real estate section. What the heck. The editor resigned a few issues ago. She had been with the magazine since the beginning. I believe the head honchos have changed. Thus leading to a different style, one I find boring.
Tell me why do good things always have to change?
Ooooooooohhhhhh man!