In March 1991, Florence Schreiber Powers, 44, a Ewing, N.J., administrative law judge on trial for shoplifting two watches, she called her psychiatrist to testify that she (Powers) was under stress at the time of the incidents. The doctor said Powers did not know what she was doing “from one minute to the next,” for the following reasons:
recent auto accident
traffic ticket
new-car purchase
husband’s kidney stones
husband’s asthma (and noisy breathing machine in their bedroom)
menopausal hot flashes
“ungodly” vaginal itch,
bad rash,
fear of breast and anal cancer,
fear of dental surgery
son’s asthma
mother’s and aunt’s illnesses
need to organize parents’ 50th wedding anniversary
need to cook Thanksgiving dinner for 20 relatives
purchase of 200 gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah
attempt to sell her house without a broker
lawsuit against wallpaper cleaners
need to return newly purchased furniture
and toilet constantly running.
(Nonetheless, she was convicted.)

The ungodly vaginal itch would definitely send me on a crime spree. ;0)
Oh the things we women have to endure!