I finally am able to get on the Internet again. You know it does not seem possible that I use the Internet all the often, (hehehe) I sure do. I was missing logging on and navigating from one site to the next like some seasoned explorer.
My modem died, I found it floating on it belly one afternoon after work. I was going to flush it down the toilet, but had a second thought; maybe my Internet provider would replace it for free. Yeah and gophers fly!
They did replace it but I had to take out another contract with them and wait a lifetime for the new modem to come in. Well the lifetime of a Gastrotrich, three days, if you factor in the weekend, 5 days.
When the modem arrived, I carefully hooked it up and proceeded to have a problem loading the program to my computer. I call the technical line for help.
This is how the call went.
Good afternoon this is David, I am going to provide you with technical support. Is your phone number blablabla? Who am I speaking with?
Thank you Miss. Doookind.
Me: My name is Duncan.
David. One moment please.
Thank you Miss Doookind for holding I appreciate your patience. What is the problem today and how may I assist you? I see we sent you a new modem, did you receive it?
Me: Yes I did and I am having a hard time installing… (David interrupts me)
David: We are here to provide excellent service and we are happy to help you in any way possible. Did you receive your new modem?
Me: Yes, David can you hear me ok?
David: Thank you for calling Ms. Doookind what can I do for you?
Me: I am having problem installing my… (David interrupts me again)
David: What version of windows are you running?
Me: Windows? I am not on Windows.
David: Ms. Doookind could you please log onto Internet explorer?
Me: David I cannot log onto anything, I am stuck with this pop up window… He interrupts again…
David: Ms. Dookind what is on your screen right now?
Me: David I am trying to tell you what I problem is.

This is the way it went on for the whole phone call, which made loading the new modem software take three times as long. At one point I said to David, hey you are not listening to what I am telling you. At that point he asked me, “how are you today?” Then put me on hold and came back and asked, “how are you today?” I said with frustrated voice this is the second time you have asked me that question in less the 2 minutes.
David was reading off a script and was so hung up on this script that he did not listen to my response. I know that customer service is important, but technical support representative reading from a script just does not work for me.