I always hear stories of people finding alligators, fish, and snakes and so on in their toilet.
This story I heard the other day and really was a hum-dinger.
It happened in Taiwan, in the early hours of the morning, a man went into his bathroom to use the toilet, He sat down and the next thing he knew this rare venomous medium size yellow snake bit him in the “what’s not” (penis). The man jump up with the snake still clenched and hanging from him and ran for help. This snake apparently coiled itself inside the toilet bowl and was having a nap. This is not a usual occurrence in Taiwan.
The condition of the man who was bitten is good. He is alive with a minor injury. Although if you probably talked with him, he would say it was a major injury.
Every since I heard this story, on my late night visit to the bathroom, this story enters my head, but if I turn on the lights, it usually is blinding and then I have a tuff time going back to sleep. So I take my chances, I guess I am playing Taiwan Toilet Roulette.