Photo Shan 35
On Sunday was my eldest daughter birthday. She wanted a very low key day for her birthday and her wish came through.
As a family we usually have a big family celebration for birthdays, so this was usual.
My daughter, Big Sis is such a kind person. She is like a egg, a hard shell on the outside and all gooey and soft on the inside.
She is very sensitive to everyone’s needs, so kind hearted she would give her shirt off her back to someone in need.
She always gives away her time, and the services that she provides as a business she practically gives it away.
Often times as a Mom, I would get frustrated with her for giving away so much, telling her it’s OK once in a while, but you do have expenses.
She does all this in secret for she does not like attention for her merits.
Secrets sometimes leads to misunderstanding from others. She remains quiet, but that does not stop her from doing what she does.
But a Mama knows some things.
My heart beams so proudly that I know such a quality person.
You Shine my precious little star.