Cheated, I want an imagination that can think up stuff like this.


Oh, I just hate when this happens


Oh Geese, this looks fun .


Road trip, Oh I am so ready to go on one.


I am glad I only had two kids…


Hope your Wednesday is full of fun..


Wedge shoes: Pair with a summer dress; this is the season’s must-have fashion piece.

Stiletto shoes: “They’re timeless, they’re always sexy, and they’re always in.”
Style tip: Be age appropriate. “A stiletto with a jean can look tacky on an older woman.”
Ok I have something to say about this one.  You will probably not see many senior citizens with stilettos, so whom are they calling an older women?

Dresses are big this season

Form-fitting dress: Dress it down with a wedge or a flat.

Trapeze dress: Sport it with or without tights and for casual and formal events.

Skinny jeans: Trendy this moment: colored denim. Skinny jeans “go with everything – a high heel and a flat, T-shirts, big sweaters, little sweaters, a cropped or longer blazer.”

Wide-legged jeans: “They look really good with a shirt and blazer or pair them with something tight on top.

The styles seems simple enough, but every time I go shopping I find it really hard to find anything that I feel good in.  Am I the only on that feels that way?
Men are lucky their styles basically stays the same, they can wear stuff year after year (unless you are a Hollywood star) no one cares.

We went to see the movie, Notes on a Scandal. It was really a wonderful piece of art. Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench were terrific. Anytime you can sit and watch a movie and believe that it is real that is when you know it is an excellent piece of cinematography.
Barbara (Judi Dench) is a cynical schoolteacher who is close to retirement. She is barely liked by her fellow teachers. Her private life consists mainly of taking care of her aging cat, and spending countless hours alone. Her main hobby is writing in her journal. When Sheba (Cate Blanchett), a younger, attractive woman, joins the faculty as an art teacher, Barbara watches her from afar and has nothing but critical things to say in her journal about her clothing and her care-free manner. Despite her scorn for Sheba, Barbara finds herself reaching out to her. Sheba accepts her friendship and invites her to dinner. Barbara goes out and shops for a good outfit and get her hair done for this occasion. Little does Barbara suspect that Sheba has a family. Barbara meets Sheba’s husband (Bill Nighy), who is twenty years her senior, and their two children, a rebellious 16-year-old daughter and a younger boy with Downs Syndrome. Barbara immediately sees them as competition to be beaten in the battle for Sheba’s attention.
Later, Barbara discovers Sheba in a classroom having sex with Steven (Andrew Simpson), a 15-year-old boy from the school, she realizes that knowledge of this secret gives her power over Sheba which she can use for her own purposes. Barbara confronts Sheba and makes her tell her the juicy details of the affair. Sheba thinks Barbara is going to turn her into the school board. Surprise, Barbara says she will not tell anyone but insists that the affair must end immediately. Sheba tries to end the affair but finds that she cannot. Sheba seems uneasy with Barbara’s friendship and is disturbed when she discovers the older woman might have a sexual interest in her. The relationship between the two women reaches a crisis point when Barbara has to put down her cat for humane reasons. Barbara begs Sheba to go with her to the vet. Sheba chooses to go with her family to see their son in a play instead. Barbara gets revenge by setting in motion hearsay of the scandal that affects both their lives traumatically.
The scary part of the movie was that last scene, where you get the chills and want to run and hide.

There is nothing more pleasing and fun to look at than animals being themselves. Animals are so honest with their feelings. You know exactly what ‘s up with them.

Happy Friday the 13th. Make it a lucky day…

This evening I had a hankering for the yellow curry at this Thai restaurant in WC.
So we grabbed our purses and went down town.  We were walking by the Star Bucks on Main Street and Duncan Street.  The reason why I was so specific is because there is a Star Buck Coffee shop on every corner, nook and cranny in WC.  Once I wanted a pumpkin scone and went to every single Star Bucks in the down town area and they were all sold out, that is probably because they are so good.
Mom went into this particular Star Bucks and we waited outside.  I was looking in the window at this man inside of Star Bucks.  I swear that guy was Lyle Lovette.  No other guy could look like him, the same weird hair, and unusual features.  I turned to Big sis and said Lyle Lovette is in Star Bucks.  I don’t think she believed me, cause she kept talking. When Mom came out she said,  “Guess who’s is in Star Bucks, Lyle Lovette!”  “He just walked into the bathroom.”  Oh my gosh, Lyle pees at Star Bucks.  Wooow!!!
We continued walking down the street to the Thai restaurant discussing just what Julia Roberts saw in Lyle.


Art is not only seen in museum, galleries , street fairs, or stores that sell reproductions.
It is in the most common of places.

The latest sighting…

Sephoria, Walnut Creek, CA

If you walk into the store on look up and over to your left a panel right below the ceiling,
are photos of men in their birthday suits, very modest and tasteful.
One in particular is a man in the beginning position of a forward tumbling roll.
His body is pretty close to perfection.
The lines and the curves are spectacular to the eye.
A must see to appreciate.
The right side of the store has women in their birthday suits. It is ok.
I just like to go in and be treated really well by the staff they are all so nice.