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On Sunday was my eldest daughter birthday. She wanted a very low key day for her birthday and her wish came through.
As a family we usually have a big family celebration for birthdays, so this was usual.
My daughter, Big Sis is such a kind person. She is like a egg, a hard shell on the outside and all gooey and soft on the inside.
She is very sensitive to everyone’s needs, so kind hearted she would give her shirt off her back to someone in need.
She always gives away her time, and the services that she provides as a business she practically gives it away.
Often times as a Mom, I would get frustrated with her for giving away so much, telling her it’s OK once in a while, but you do have expenses.
She does all this in secret for she does not like attention for her merits.
Secrets sometimes leads to misunderstanding from others. She remains quiet, but that does not stop her from doing what she does.
But a Mama knows some things.
My heart beams so proudly that I know such a quality person.
You Shine my precious little star.


These are some popular suggestions of 10 things to do when you are bored for a short period of time
Blink wildly and then close your eyes really tight for an interesting light show.
See how long you can hold a note.
Try to not think about penguins.
Use your secret mind power
Pick a passing by and try to use your mind power to command them do something, like drop their bag or knock into someone. The law of averages dictates that sooner or later one of your mind commands will come true, so you can convince yourself that you really have super human powers and waste even more time trying them out.
Pretend you’re a robot
Scratch yourself
Repeat the same word over and over until it loses its meaning
Pinch yourself
Pretend to be a car

Ok I never thought of doing any of those things, if I was bored. Call me crazy, but my list goes like this.
Watch TV
Listen to music
Call someone
Surf the internet
Sing randomly to the dog
Eat something
Go for a walk
Clean out my purse

I guess those popular suggestions were written by a man.

Happy Earth day to you
Happy Earth day to you
Haaappy Earth day to yoooohhhoooo
Happy Earth day to you!
(sing with the Happy Birthday tune)
I am thinking what kind of stuff can I do to celebrate Earth day.
Since the weather has cooled down a bit may take a nature walk.
Use only one lamp tonight.
Try and use public transportation.
Express gratitude to our Mother Earth.

A reoccurring question in life, is where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

When I was a in my teens, I would say as an adult I want to be happily married with seven children.  I had no thoughts of a career.  I guest I wanted to be domestic engineer. (Back then that term was nonexistent.)

In my twenties, I wanted to be in a marriage that was secure and I felt loved.

In my thirties, I want to have a home of my own, be loved for who I am, and make enough money to support my family.

In my forties, I wanted to find job security, have happy, level headed, educated children. Have a kind, loving and employed partner.

Now I am on the threshold on a new decade.  Where do I see myself in the next ten years? I want to be happy, secure, loved and of sound mind.

It is amazing that through out my life the answers to the question where do you see your self in 10 years have a similar theme.  To be loved.

I think that really is the most important thing that any person really would want.


Well, Northern CA has gotten a good soaking. It has been raining for a week now some days it did not stop.  The air is so fresh.  Today was a reprieve from the rain the sun came out and it was like spring, what a treat.  Pip has been locked up in the house for days.  She dare not venture out in the rain, maybe she thought she would melt.   She chose to do her business under the eves and make a mad dash back to the house like jumm-bees were chasing her.  Today however it was a different story, she took off into the sunshine running around in circles squares looping in and out of the bushes for a good 10 minutes.  It was like someone wound her up or she was competing with the energizer bunny. Several neighbors were out and just stared at this wild and crazy dog shaking their heads like someone should take this dog to the loony factory. We Californians are so lucky to enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty.  I heard in Wisconsin today it is 0 degrees.

I also have to add even though it is raining, we still have a drought situation.  So if you hear this wee chant rain rain rain, it is from all who fear the rationing of water…

Front page of The Wall Street Journal reports that the Job Loss today is that compared to 1945. As of December 2008, 2.5 million people have lost their jobs across the U.S. That is a jaw dropping statistical analysis.

I went over to Trader Joe’s on Sunday to buy a couple of things. Trader Joe’s is always boast about their unbelievable prices and compares them to the local grocery stores. I was picking up my usual and noticed that their prices have gone up. Most items are now .29 cents more. Why?

But wait it is not just Trader Joe’s, it is other retail businesses, such as Target, Marshall, Safeway, the 99 Cent Store  , (they raised their prices to  99.98 cents, I don’t get how you would calculate that one) just to name a few.

I got to wonder why; the price of gas that is down, well, it is slowly on the raise. But it stills the lowest it has been for years. Remember when retailers where raising the prices, because the cost of gas was in the high $4.00 range? When gas got down to $1.69 a gallon, the retailers prices maybe only dropped a few cents here or there for items.

So what is the excuse now? Why is it that the prices are on the raise? I can’t help but think back in history of the times in Europe when the price of food was out of control and people were stealing stuff to eat, because they could not afford to pay a wheel barrel full of money for a loaf of bread.

Retailers need to make items more affordable in these harsh economic times. If it is affordable people will buy their products. But, if they keep raising their prices, they will have fewer customers. The Dollar Tree will have more customers buying their low nutrition food, and the Pet food stores will run low on their dog and cat food, because more people will use that as a substitute.

The People of U.S. are looking to Obama to wave his magic wand fix our economy and create jobs for all the unemployed. There is hope in the air for the U.S. future. I will keep my fingers crossed that Obama and his Cabinet of people can fix these GAINT problems.

It is the New Year and my first blog of 2009.  I want to be positive and upbeat.
First to begin with I have not bumble writing 2009 on my checks at all. That is a good sign. (Yeah, I still write checks instead of using my Debit card).
We started the year off by having a dinner party.  I know what you are thinking; but everyone partied on New Years Eve and they were probably, well partied out.  Not the group I had over.  They were very happy, enthusiastic bunch.  They enjoyed the healthy food and lots of laughter.  That was the best New Years day ever.
The second day of the New Year my house was cleaner than usual.  What a light and wonderful feeling that was.
We saw two really thought provoking movies over the weekend, Seven pounds and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Both were not your average loud, explosive, speed chasing, mentally or physically abusing others type of movies.  They were more about people making a difference in other people’s lives type of movie.  Which, is uplifting, heart warming and tear in you eye type.
On the fifth day of the New Year, I got a gift card to Longs Drug store for being on call for a group shopping session through Nicholas Research. (They are a consumer survey company).  You can register online and they may call you to participate in survey, you can get money or gift cards, for taking part in a 2- hour session.  I was never called to come to the store, but received the benefit anyway.
This year I will try and keep that upbeat feeling and hope for wonderful things to occur.
Two great things have already happened for two of my brothers.  I will hope for all who read this that wonderful things will occur for you this year, 2009.
Happy 2009!

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