I finally am able to get on the Internet again. You know it does not seem possible that I use the Internet all the often, (hehehe) I sure do. I was missing logging on and navigating from one site to the next like some seasoned explorer.
My modem died, I found it floating on it belly one afternoon after work. I was going to flush it down the toilet, but had a second thought; maybe my Internet provider would replace it for free. Yeah and gophers fly!
They did replace it but I had to take out another contract with them and wait a lifetime for the new modem to come in. Well the lifetime of a Gastrotrich, three days, if you factor in the weekend, 5 days.
When the modem arrived, I carefully hooked it up and proceeded to have a problem loading the program to my computer. I call the technical line for help.
This is how the call went.
Good afternoon this is David, I am going to provide you with technical support. Is your phone number blablabla? Who am I speaking with?
Thank you Miss. Doookind.
Me: My name is Duncan.
David. One moment please.
Thank you Miss Doookind for holding I appreciate your patience. What is the problem today and how may I assist you? I see we sent you a new modem, did you receive it?
Me: Yes I did and I am having a hard time installing… (David interrupts me)
David: We are here to provide excellent service and we are happy to help you in any way possible. Did you receive your new modem?
Me: Yes, David can you hear me ok?
David: Thank you for calling Ms. Doookind what can I do for you?
Me: I am having problem installing my… (David interrupts me again)
David: What version of windows are you running?
Me: Windows? I am not on Windows.
David: Ms. Doookind could you please log onto Internet explorer?
Me: David I cannot log onto anything, I am stuck with this pop up window… He interrupts again…
David: Ms. Dookind what is on your screen right now?
Me: David I am trying to tell you what I problem is.

This is the way it went on for the whole phone call, which made loading the new modem software take three times as long. At one point I said to David, hey you are not listening to what I am telling you. At that point he asked me, “how are you today?” Then put me on hold and came back and asked, “how are you today?” I said with frustrated voice this is the second time you have asked me that question in less the 2 minutes.
David was reading off a script and was so hung up on this script that he did not listen to my response. I know that customer service is important, but technical support representative reading from a script just does not work for me.


For over 10 years I have been subscribing to the magazine called Country Living. It was my favorite magazine of all time. I kept every copy I have ever received in date order. I could tell you that three years in row two years back that they had the same cover for the Thanksgiving issue, just changing the background color slightly. I loved the real estate sampler they had in which they would advertise all these beautiful old homes across the nation. I would daydream of buying a big Victorian Mansion in some remote beautiful area and turning it into a bed and breakfast, then living peacefully and happily for the rest of my life. After looking at the real estate section, I would jump to the recipes. Some of my favorite cake recipes are from Country Living. One year I had a party for my mom and tried to copy the same decorations from an out door theme party they featured. Over the years I have ogled and aahhh the crafts and featured, check out how this person decorated their home.
Well, my love affair has ended with the magazine. I have noticed a change in the layout, articles, recipes, and infrequent real estate section. What the heck. The editor resigned a few issues ago. She had been with the magazine since the beginning. I believe the head honchos have changed. Thus leading to a different style, one I find boring.
Tell me why do good things always have to change?
Ooooooooohhhhhh man!

Happy Birthday mom! I hope today is happy, wonderful, and extravagant. May this year be the best, you deserve it.


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There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.

– George Sand –

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Another year to be thankful for…

Big Sis, Chee, my parents, my family, the roof over our heads, the good food we are lucky to have in abundance and LOVE.

( Now it is your turn to fill in the blank)

I was watching a show that had Judge Judy on as a guest.  The Judge was asked do you think raising children today is different and more difficult then 20 years ago.  She said “yes, because of the Internet.”  “The children have free access to pornography sites, which they misuse or abuse.”
I was thinking about her statement.  Does pornography sites cause children to be rude and disrespectful?  Does it contribute to use of alcohol, drugs and eating disorders? How about disregarding responsibilities at home or hanging out with so call friends 24/7?
If it does then pornography is a powerful thing.
I realize that people spend countless hours watching stuff that is so unimaginable on these porn sites, that is the cause of sex addiction,, which people have to check in Rehab centers to break themselves of.
David Duchovny was the latest victim to surface with this problem.  What exactly do they do in Rehab for these people who are sex addicts?  Do they give up sex altogether and maybe join the Monks in a monastery somewhere?
I don’t think the problems of difficulty in raising children or addictions are to blame on the unlimited access to porno on the Internet.

It is about excess, no limits, too much, more.

We as parents and adults indulge our children and ourselves.  There are not a lot of restrictions that we give to our children. Especially in the area I live in.  I see parents giving in on money issues, toys, electronics, socializing, basic manners you name it.  Why, guilt the endless arguing or whining, or because it is socially unacceptable to reprimand your kids more than just a time out or maybe a loss of an allowance?
I’m just guessing, but something has to change and it needs to start with limits, moderation.
I am tired of rude, obnoxious, children/adults verbally abusing me when they are walking in the middle of the road as I am driving, or maybe because I happen to pop into a store and want some help, while they are on the clock but texting their friend, Or when I’m talking to their parent or another person, and a kid interrupts just to be the center of attention.

Triple 9’s
Happy Birthday to my Dad.
Lets go for a round of singing Happy Birthday
Hummmmmm, Happy Birthday day to you ….

The Contract

The Ostridge Affect is such a sad thing. It is where I bury my head in order to protect myself from stuff that is upsetting.

The other day I got Stop Loss, the movie from Netflicks. I thought oh great a war movie, who order this? I sat down anyway and viewed it. I was shocked. I was not aware of the Stop-loss policy.

If one voluntarily enlists in the military and serves in a period of time that there is no official declaration war they will be released from active service when they have served their contracted time. If US declared a War status then a Stop-loss policy goes into affect and the solider involuntary extension continues until six months after the war ends.

Currently the contract of this agreement is NOT honored by the US military services. The US is involved in a war, but not officially in a “declaration of war status.” There for the Stop-loss policy should not apply to any solider at this time.

We as citizens of United States must follow laws, contracts, and policies. If we do not, there are stiff penalties for the broken agreement. Why is it that the government is exempt from honoring contracts?

From 2002 through April 2008, 58,300 soldiers were affected by stop loss.


War is a horrible thing. It is Hell. The effects physically and psychologically are devastating to any individuals involved in the combat fields. When and if that person does come back to regular life, most often the scars of the war has ruin their chances of living a normal type of existence. The amount of substance abuse is unbelievable. The substance is used only to dull the memories that haunt these individuals for life.

Stop-loss, in the United States military, is the involuntary extension of a service member’s active duty service under the enlistment contract in order to retain them beyond their initial end of term of service (ETS) date
Stop-loss was created by the United States Congress after the Vietnam War. Section 12305(a) which states in part: “… the President may suspend any provision of law relating to promotion, retirement, or separation applicable to any member of the armed forces who the President determines is essential to the national security of the United States”
“In the event of war, my enlistment in the Armed Forces continues until six (6) months after the war ends, unless the enlistment is ended sooner by the President of the United States.”

Where do we go from here? What can we do for these soldiers whose rights have not been honored?

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