“What it’s like inside a former Superstore in Texas where US is holding 1400 Immigrant Children.“    This is a news story that appeared on CNN 6/14/2018

Do your own research, that way you become aware of what is going on right under your nose. *Note the deception of dropping the name “Walmart” out of the news title by CNN.

Our US government has imprisoned 1400 Immigrant children inside a closed down Walmart Superstore in Texas. These children are living in cages; it is a Giant Pound/Shelters for Children.

The children get fed, they use the port a potty with their hands tied, they are walked, and they are allowed 1 hour of television daily.  If one of these prisons exists there is a high probability others exists.

What kind of government do we have that would treat children like this? We are all human beings, ALL LIVES MATTER.

What can we do?


Talk about this horrible situation, voice your opinions to others, and post this on Social Network. Get it out there what is happening to these children. The more people become aware, these children will be free to go back to their countries or be fostered by American families.

We the people have the right to speak up and cause change when the Government has so little regard to human life. SPEAK UP

PROTEST by STOP shopping at Walmart for a month, or longer. Shop other places. I am not sure who owns the Walmart chains now, but it obvious it is connected in some way to the government who can readily move into create these prison camps.


Informed Consent: permission granted in the knowledge of the possible consequences.

We are given informed consent to sign for any medical treatments we receive, at financial institutions, schools, Internet, phone services and etc.

It is my responsibility to know of the consequences and give permission.

So why is it no one asked me to consent about chemically polluting the water, air, land and genetically modifying what we eat and drink.

Geo-engineering is a word used to describe the altering of our environment to manipulate a theoretical outcome.

We as a people have been fed propaganda to the extreme. We are so confused; it is so difficult to distinguish what is real from the unreal. So much so we stop listening analyzing and caring. We go along with the mainstream. It is much easier and less stressful after all we have to work to pay for living; some of us two to three jobs, others longer working hours.

What if someone told you that if you have an objection to Geo-engineering all you have to do is write, “I do not consent to Geo-engineering”, sign and date that statement. It is that easy, quick and simple. Think about it. If enough of the population does that, the majority will be the rule.

Put it out there anywhere that it can be seen if you do not consent on Geo-engineering.

I do not consent to Geo-engineering. Lura Asregadoo 6/10/2018

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I found this quote that was tucked away. When I read it, I was astonished how powerful it is.

A Return to Love

Marianne Williamson.

“our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?”

“Who are you not to be?”

In my generation it was drilled over and over again about the dangers of being vain or egotistical.

A quick look up of these words are as followed;

Egotistical: given to talking about oneself; vain; boastful; opinionated, Indifferent to the wellbeing of others, selfish.

Vain: having or showing an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance, abilities, or worth.

My thought process immediately questions, is that some type of brain washing used to suppress us of any good thoughts we have of ourselves? I can see not being selfish or boastful, but why can we not have healthy wonderful opinions about ourselves?

Let go of your fear(s), celebrate, love yourself, your talents, virtues and show compassion towards others.

I am going to give it my best try.


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How can one person effect change?

Many people think that is impossible.

I grew up with three brothers. We were close siblings once we got puberty out of the way reached early adulthood. We would talk to each other about personal things, conflicts and brainstorm various topics. It was comfortable, secure and blissful relationships we had with each other. No one ever felt was left out and love was very prevalent between us. I lived in the bubble that it would always be this way.

In the natural state of human existence we find mates and start our own families.

This is when our sibling relationships began to change. Add one new person to the mix and this weird type of erosion began. It was small, unnoticeable and deniable in the beginning.

Why? What the @#$%! How could we let this happen? Could we have not stopped this?

Today, all my siblings have gone their own way. The closeness was replaced with a sense of distrust so much so we find comfort in remaining distant with each other.

It is because one person did effect a change, followed by two people, and then three…


Weather that change is positive or negative it starts with one person.


Every individual holds the keys to effect change. It depends on what changes are wanted.   I had this thought a few weeks ago about effecting a change for the better.

Perhaps if as a whole we sat down and thought about globally healing the negatives that exists in this world, we could make this wonderful world a more positive place. All that would be necessary is to put yourself in a quiet area and use the power of thought. Say over and over again something so simple as,

Love, Peace and Unity in our world

Do this for 5 to 10 minutes daily and an erosion of the negative will take place, it would be unnoticeable at first, but I know it will happen.

I have seen it happen and most likely so have you.

One person can effect change…

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When I was a young one, my parents split. The parent that had physical custody felt it was impossible to raise the four of us without help. Here is where the LDS (Mormon) Church was elbowed into our lives. At first I did not care for change of life style; but like everything else if you are exposed to consistently you get use to it and become a follower.

When that occurred all freethinking went straight to the trashcan. All original thoughts were looked down upon. I became a Drone. (I did a posting on drones and it was not a positive thumb up type of posting) I remained this mindless being for 15 years. I will explain the explosive event that shot me out of the belly of Mormon Church another time.

What I did realize is the value of being a free thinking spirit. It was a like someone opened the door and I walked out into a beautiful sunny day, birds singing, a breeze of happiness gently encircling me.

That did not happen over night, it took many, many years.

What is the point of this post?

Any organization that encourages some type of mind control is bad for you, just like ingesting rocks. It weighs a person down; make the person only focus, about the rocks in their body and how weird it makes them feel. Some people feel the need for guidance; feel lost, lonely or wanting to belong. Heck we can get that from each other, without being a part of a organization or having to pay dues or tithing.

Do you know what is the most powerful Organization in the world?

The Freemasons.

The control this organization has is unbelievable.

If we give ourselves to organizations, we are giving away all that we are. Don’t let the wrong people have control over you; it is equivalent to taking a beautiful gem and locking it away in a vault for a long time. You are the gem.

Be a free spirit thinker. There are many others out there.

You are amazing.


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Yesterday we went grocery shopping. The store was full of food, anything you could possibly want and everything looked great. The different packages were colorful and appealing, and probably taste really good. All yummy processed foods, so delicious but health care providers proclaim SO BAD for you. Well why do “THEY” keep making this stuff for our consumption? Why can’t “THEY” clean it up and make it healthier? “THEY” can still make profit from providing clean food.


We are limiting the amount of processed foods we consume. We exited the store with two bags of groceries. Just basic staples that you can use to fix home made stuff. This is where one has to be creative. Think about what you will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Laziness goes out the door here. If you don’t cook then you don’t eat. Ugh!


In today’s world, you have so many different diets.

Vegetarian, semi vegetarian, weight control, low carb, low fats, crash, detox, religious, cultural, medical, alkaline, blood type, Hay, high protein, Inuit, low carb, low sulfur, macrobiotic, Mediterranean, mind, Montignac, Okinawa, Omnivore, Paleo, raw, Sonoma, tongue patch, and Zone diet. Please note these are not all the diets out there, yes there are more. On researching these diets I say flabbergasted, “Wow you are kidding,” people go the extreme!


Food is everywhere but people cannot or will not eat because it is toxic, it is cruel to eat, fattening, expensive, just too much and etc.


Do you think that if they just let food be food and not put additives, chemicals, overly salt it, genetically modify it we would not have all these different diets?

Could they make healthy food affordable for all to consume?

Maybe we would be healthier, fit, happier, satisfied and generally better beings.




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When I was in grade school math was easy, addition, subtraction, multiplication, no problem! When the teacher introduced division, it became complicated.

We looked at a picture of a pie and how to divide it. As a child my thought process was, I would never divide up a pie, if six people where coming over for dessert I would make six pies. That way everyone would have their own pie and if they did not finish it, they could take it home. So division was not necessary.

Today, I have the same feeling. In a larger perspective, why are humans divided? That is not necessary. We are humans, that is our distinction. Why is one race or color given more, revered more, treated better? Why within that specific race or color some are given more, revered more and treated better? None of this makes any sense. So I blame it on “Division.”

Who ever thought up of division, did the human race a great disservice.

Maybe all children realize this as their teachers introduces division in the mathematics curriculum.

Could it be so simple? Take away division from what we learn in mathematics, as a child and it will no longer exist in this world.

Most everyone needs to reprogram their belief system.


Believe that and all that is negative in this world would begin to disappear.

The more people who believe all lives matter, all lives are equal, great, grand, wonderful, super spectacular and positive things will evolve!

It is as simple as just thinking 4 times daily for 6 months.


(You are what you think)

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